Quality EPCAS Monitor


As EPCAS we have the chance to professionalize our European branch. In order to be able to do this, we need to know what is happening with our members and what issues ad topics keep them occupied, such as trends, new legislations and work-related challenges.

In the form of a short questionnaire and a personal visit or phone call, we gain insight in what keeps the members busy. We believe that the information retrieved from these questions, gives a good reflection on current affairs in the catering industry, as a whole.

The Quality EPCAS Monitor (QEM) is based on one of the EPCAS objectives; to create transparency, especially concerning international trends, facts ad figures, and technical developments. This also gives us, as association, the opportunity to support our members by bringing certain topics up for discussion during the Assemblies and providing valuable insights, knowledge and information where needed.


  • To create transparency
  • Providing valuable insights, knowledge and information to support our members
  • Focusing on international trends, facts and figures, and technical developments
  • Chance to professionalize our European branch
  • Good reflection on current affairs in the catering industry, as a whole
  • The goal is to expand to the rest of the market in a few years to bring a more correct picture of the branch, in the form of a benchmark