Caterer launches exclusive range of dishes inspired by Dutch Masters

Veghel, the Netherlands – This winter, Maison van den Boer is launching The Dutch Masters’ palate: stunning dishes presented as works of art, inspired by the rich legacy of Dutch Masters. You can now taste Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Mondriaan! The presentation and palette of each dish reflects the work of one of our famous Masters.

The menu meets the growing demand for high-end cuisine with a Dutch touch. International companies, organisations and governmental departments regularly welcome guests to Amsterdam, and they are always looking for a way to add Dutch DNA to their events. They will often resort to the traditional symbols of Dutch culture: wooden shoes, windmills, Delft Blue, cheese and tulips. Maison van den Boer has broken from this trend by elegantly taking inspiration from the rich legacy of our Dutch Masters.

Augmented Reality
Clients who wish to get a visual ‘taste’ of the Dutch Masters Menu can do so using Augmented Reality (AR). This technology virtually brings the dishes to your table. Maison van den Boer is the first caterer in the Netherlands who uses this technology to present its creations. Maison van den Boer was also the first to introduce 3D-printed food and the Hologram Dinner. Technology and innovation are great ways to enhance the sensory experience at the table!

Click on the link to view the dishes with your Apple iPhone or iPad:

For Android, download the app using Google Play.