Food Waste Initiative


Our organisation strongly values taking Corporate Social Responsibility. One of those ways to contribute to a better future is by managing our food waste. Annually, 88 million tons of food are wasted in Europe alone, and this amount could feed 200 million people. As EPCAS, we strive to be sensible and aware regarding food waste, because we believe that “Wasting food is economically bad, environmentally wrong and morally, ethically unacceptable!”.

In order to positively affect the reduction of food waste, we stimulate our members to manage their food waste by giving them updates on this matter from time to time with Best Practices and information from leading members in food waste reduction, and by giving them hands-on tools that our members can use within their companies. One of those tools is the EPCAS Food Waste Toolkit.

The EPCAS Food Waste Toolkit has been designed by the EPCAS Food Waste Steering Committee and Unilever Food Solutions. It has been developed to help the members reduce their food waste within their catering practices. The toolkit includes several attachments that help collect data and stimulate the staff members.

Download Food Waste Toolkit


The essence of effective waste management can be found in the three R’s: Reduce – Reuse and Recycle. The three R’s become evident in several stages of the kitchen process. Wise up on Waste focuses on reducing the waste margin across all areas of your business. EPCAS members are handed the EPCAS Food Waste Toolkit, in which the Waste Reduction Value Chain is shown. This Toolkit supports and guides caterers to reduce Food Waste within their companies. As mentioned, this initiative was brought to live by our EPCAS Food Waste Steering Committee:

Pierre Smits

Koninklijke Van den Boer Groep

Ruedi Bachmann

Tune Management & Training

Peter Kandels


Xavier Fruy

Fruy Finest Food Catering

Stephanie van Oorschot

EPCAS Office


The EPCAS Food Waste Inititave knows three levels, that are depicted below in consecutive order.


  • Broich Catering & Locations
  • Koninklijke Van den Boer Groep
  • tuck-tuck


  • Christ Event & Catering
  • Culpepper Event
  • Erasmus Catering Services
  • Food & Mambo
  • FPS Catering
  • Fruy Finest Food Catering
  • Grupo Ibersol / Silva Carvalho Catering
  • Privileg Catering
  • RAI Amsterdam
  • Steffen Traiteur
  • Stockheim


  • Wassermann & Company
  • Fransen + Kanters
  • Gallbauer Event- & Officecatering
  • Intercatering
  • Papillon 1990
  • The Real Hospitality
  • Van Melick, the catering company
  • Zafferano
  • Capdevielle Traiteur