EPCAS Chefs Assembly

Save the Date

October 4th – 6th  2020, Milan – Italy

In order to stay ahead in our industry and to keep momentum, it is key to get out of our comfort zone and think out-of-the-box. Only by envisioning the bigger picture, we can collectively lift our industry to the next level, and maintain this.

That is why we not only want to bring the caterers together, but also their chefs. During the Chefs Assembly they can inspire each other and share valuable insights in their field of expertise, all in a setting with culinary touch of course. In this way not only the caterers benefit from the EPCAS network, but also their employees, which brings added value to the EPCAS membership.

Annually, EPCAS hosts a Chefs Assembly for the chefs of the catering companies. This is a unique opportunity for like-minded industry professionals to share knowledge and inspiration within their field of expertise.

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