EECA Module

May 5th – 7th  2019, Maastricht – The Netherlands

The catering industry is changing rapidly. New trends emerge, economies are blurring and business models are evolving. Members of Generation Y gather their knowledge online and use the internet to gain information. But you can’t Google experience! Therefore, more and more universities are offering programmes that are focused on the further development of industry professionals.

Many of these programmes, however, focus on the hospitality industry in general. A tailor made programme for the catering industry does not exist yet. Surprisingly, catering management is not even taught in most bachelor level schools. Therefore, to further develop and retain high potentials in the catering and event industry, we have launched the European Event Catering Academy (EECA).

Together with our partners, hospitality school Stenden Hotel Management School (Academic Partner) and international training company Q-staff, we are convinced that we are able to offer an appealing and well-balanced programme.


The European Event Catering Academy is designed as follow:
Twice a year, the 2,5-day training programme takes place in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Over the course of 2 years, a total of four different training programmes will take place. Each programme focuses on a specific field as displayed below:

  1. Fire module – Lead from personal power: This module focuses on Leaderment; a combination between leadership and management
  2. Earth – Lead with purpose: This module focuses on the basics, not only of a person (finding their purpose), but also of the company (processes & finance)
  3. Wind – Lead in changing times: This module focuses on how to be a change agent, learning about culture, leading a team, and trends & innovations
  4. Water – Lead to grow: This module focuses on personal branding, being adaptable (like water) and attitude

Best practices and business cases from (potential) member companies are a returning theme, as well as leadership and personal growth. Knowledge, skills and more insight in behaviour are a major part of the offered learning experience. After each course, participants receive a certificate for their participation.

The EECA is a tailor-made programme, created by experts. We offer a well-balanced combination of knowledge taught by professors and industry professionals, as well as leadership skills, empowerment and insight in personal behaviour styles. By setting up the EECA to develop talent within the industry, we believe that we will make a big impact.