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The European Event Caterer Association (EPCAS: formerly European Party Caterer Association) was founded on the 23rd of January 2007 and is dedicated to looking after the interests of the European professional event caterer.

Foundation of EPCAS

During the last decade, event catering has changed from an individually based and a national and product oriented industry into a much more mature, supranational business. In the early years, several European countries started national catering associations, to join forces on common grounds. In the open-borders community of Europe it was only a matter of time before the national initiatives were succeeded by a European association, being EPCAS.

Aim of EPCAS

Our goal is to offer European event caterers a platform in which networking and knowledge sharing on mutual and current subjects are key issues. We want to connect event caterers with a current and reputable source for news, information, products, services and networking opportunities relevant to the industry. With this, EPCAS creates transparency within this line of business so that differences between regulations and legislation in the participating European countries can be addressed at the European Parliament.


EPCAS also manages a variety of initiatives. These initiatives have been created to support our network and improve the catering industry. We achieve this by training caterers in our very own EPCAS Academy and appoint important subjects as corporate responsibility and food waste.


Food Waste

Our organisation strongly values taking Corporate Social Responsibility. One of those ways to contribute to a better future is by managing…


Quality EPCAS Monitor

As EPCAS we have the chance to professionalize our European branch. In order to be able to do this, we need to know what is happening…


European Event Catering Academy

The catering industry is changing rapidly. New trends emerge, economies are blurring and business models are evolving…


Collaboration Stenden

To improve the future of the catering industry, EPCAS and Stenden Hotel Management School are working together to…


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