About EPCAS/ The platform for European Party Caterers since 2007

The European Party Caterer Association (EPCAS) was founded on the 23rd of January 2007 and is dedicated to looking after the interests of the European professional party caterer.

Foundation of EPCAS

During the last decade, party catering has changed from an individually based and a national and product oriented industry into a much more mature, supranational business. In the early years, several European countries started national catering associations, to join forces on common grounds. In the open-borders community of Europe it was only a matter of time before the national initiatives were succeeded by a European association, being EPCAS.

Aim of EPCAS

EPCAS offers European party caterers a platform in which networking and knowledge sharing on mutual and current subjects are key issues. EPCAS connects party caterers with a current and reputable source for news, information, products, services and networking opportunities relevant to the industry.

Catering events hosted by EPCAS

Apart from the two General Assemblies a year, which are organized exclusively for members, where knowledge exchanges freely and new trends are spotted, EPCAS organizes events to support European party caterers, also those who are not members.

In February 2011, EPCAS hosted the first ever Benelux Party Caterers Congress. This congress was specifically organised for directors, owners, sales managers and operational managers of catering companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and North Rhine-Westphalia. This event was attended by more than 130 catering companies.

In February 2012, EPCAS expanded on this concept and hosted the first European Catering Conference (ECC). The ECC focused on the decision makers of catering companies from across Europe, to share knowledge, to discuss challenges faced throughout Europe, and to share experiences.

In 2013, EPCAS visited the Catersource Conference & Tradeshow in Las Vegas, to meet with the American association for caterers; Leading Caterers (LCA). During this trip, the EPCAS members further expanded their knowledge and got the opportunity to share knowledge with, and be inspired by, their American colleagues.

Since 2015, EPCAS is also organizing Trade Missions. The EPCAS Trade Mission is initiated to offer the (potential) EPCAS members the chance to meet one another in-between Assemblies. A unique opportunity, where a European trade show visit or company visit is combined with great networking opportunities with likeminded colleagues; each time a different fair/location in a different city.



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