The European Party Caterer Association (EPCAS)

EPCAS is dedicated to looking after the interests of the European professional party caterer.

Our goal is to offer the European party caterers a platform in which networking and knowledge sharing on mutual and current subjects are key issues. We want to connect party caterers with a current and reputable source for news, information, products, services and networking opportunities relevant to the industry. With this, EPCAS creates transparency within this line of business so that differences between regulations and legislation in the participating European countries can be addressed at the European Parliament.

Catering and Hospitality have important roles in our society. In our constantly changing world, the excitement about good food and drinks in a perfectly designed environment is a paramount. The shared expertise between the European caterers proves to contribute to a strong and effective communication between caterers and their clients time and time again. Both on national as well as on European level it is vital to share expertise and insights about concept- and product development.

Upcoming Events

may 2017

8 - 11

Milan and Rome visit

14 - 16

European Event Catering Academy Earth module, Maastricht

june 2017

19 - 23

Scandinavia visit

july 2017

30 - 1

EPCAS Summer General Assembly, Basel, Switzerland

august 2017

30 - 1

EPCAS Summer General Assembly, Basel, Switzerland

october 2017

1 - 3

EPCAS - Chefs Assembly - Antwerp

29 - 31

European Event Catering Academy Wind module, Maastricht